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Director & Writer: James Cooper 

Producers: Xin Chen, Yoni Collins, & Melanie Wong 

Director of Photography: Ryan Watson 

Sound Mixer: Sarah Webster 

Editor & Continuity: Aidan Popiel 

Production Designer: Natalie Sapieha 

1st Assistant Director: Housseni Sylla

Music composed by: Abigail Neale

Colourist: Emma Clarke 


Logline: Struggling in her own romantic life, Julie puts herself in an awkward position while attempting to protect her son Jeremy from the world of gay dating apps. 

Synopsis: Everybody has secrets they want to hide from their family. Especially, when it comes to the contents of their mobile apps. Julie, a divorced mother, snoops into her son's phone, discovering a shocking detail in his life. Jeremy lies to his mother to avoid further explanation but it turns into an awkward revelation. They just want to be happy in their lives. Why are they pretending to be somebody they aren't?  

Runtime: 12 minutes 

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