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Lenses of Lions:
Filming the Aftermath of October 7

Following the October 7th massacre committed by Hamas in Southern Israel where more than 1200 were murdered and more than 250 kidnapped as hostages, film director Yoni Collins returned to Israel to document the after math of the massacre, the Israel-Hamas war, and the legal and political campaigns for the hostages. Since then he has been filming and documenting nonstop for history, for healing, and for justice. Filming in the kibbutzim and other locations of the massacre, and filming testimonies with survivors from the kibbutzim, survivors of the Nova music festival, bereaved families, hostages’ families, ZAKA volunteers, IDF soldiers, police officers, forensic analysts, human rights lawyers, Druze, Bedouins, Yoni's crucial filming serves as a powerful documentation for history, of the tragedy and brutality of the October 7 massacre and the strength and resilience of the Jewish nation in its wake. 

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